T-Mobile will be offering new iPads with free 200MB monthly data plan

ipad-mini-wireless_heroT-Mobile will be officially carrying the iPads for the first time since the device was introduced in 2010, and it has a great offer to get consumers on board. The carrier will be bundling a free 200MB/month data plan with every cellular iPad purchase.

A 250MB monthly data plan otherwise costs $14.99 on AT&T, while other carriers’ data plans start from a minimum usage tier of 1GB.

Users can move to the 2.5GB for $30 plan, if they exceed the free 200MB limit, which is very likely since both the iPad Air and the new iPad mini have Retina displays, which require larger sized Retina assets.

tmobile ipad air retina ipad miniThe offer seems like money well spent towards user-acquisition costs, since most subscribers would easily exceed the free 200MB limit, and move to a higher paid usage tier.

For more on the iPad plans offered by each carrier, head to Apple’s website.

T-Mobile has tried quite a few unconventional moves as a part of its “uncarrier” strategy, including offering the iPhone contract free, unlimited international data and texting, and a new kind of twice-a-year smartphone upgrade plan.

If you plan on buying a cellular iPad, would you be choosing T-Mobile over the other carriers because of this free tier? Let us know in the comments below.

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