Touch ID Tip: How to identify which fingerprints you’ve saved on your iPhone 5s


As you probably know by now, you can officially add up to 5 fingerprints to your iPhone 5s.

When you add the fingerprints, you may have noticed that they’re recorded as Finger 1, Finger 2 and so on, so it is not possible to identify which entry is associated to which finger.

Apple has not surprisingly thought about how to help you identify them. Ryan Orbuch, the 17 year-old developer of popular iOS app Finish, which got Apple’s Design Award this year, has found the neat trick to identify them.

If you go the Settings panel for Touch ID (go to Settings > General > Passcode & Fingerprint > Fingerprints) and place your finger on the Home button, it will highlight the entry in the list if you had added it.


It also works with the trick that allows you to bypass the 5 fingerprint limit.

The video should give you a better idea what I mean:

You could always find out by trying to unlock the iPhone with all your fingers, but this seems like a much better way to find out.

Not mind blowing, but nice to know.

[Via Ryan Orbuch]