Apple adds customer-initiated screen sharing to its online support website


Apple’s online support now offers a screen sharing option for customers to initiate during a support call.  Previously, AppleCare representatives could offer screen sharing, but now customers themselves can request the utility if they need that extra assistance.

This new customer support option puts the decision to screen share squarely in the hands of the customer. The customer can choose this option and download the screen sharing software using the link supplied by Apple. If a customers selects screen sharing as part of the support request, the AppleCare representative must comply with this request. This option does not extend to all support calls, and is only available for issues that benefit from screen sharing, like those involving software problems. Only customers receiving support via a phone call are able to initiate screen share. It is not available for live chats with AppleCare reps.

Over the years, Apple’s customer support has earned high marks among groups like Consumer Reports. A survey from Consumer Reports earlier this year revealed that Apple was able to solve more computer problems than any other major manufacturer. Customers were satisfied whether they used phone, online or Apple’s in-store Genius bar for service.

[Via 9to5Mac]