Best Buy, Apple and others price match Walmart’s discounted 16GB iPad Air


After the iPad Air was announced, Walmart followed up with its own announcement that confirmed the retailer would sell the iPad Air at a discount. Instead of the full $499 price tag for the 16GB, WiFi-only model, Walmart is selling the tablet device for $479.

According to 9to5Mac, both Apple and Best Buy have confirmed they will price match Walmart on this model. The tablet is still being sold at its full price online, so customers who want the price match will have to come into the retailer’s brick and mortar stores. Staples is also discounting the 16GB iPad Air and has lowered the price of the tablet on its website.

While other retailers are price-matching Walmart, Radio Shack has said it will continue to sell the tablet at its full $499 price tag when it goes on sale this weekend. In lieu of the price drop, Radio Shack is increasing the amount of money it will offer customers when they trade in an old iPad for the new model.

Did you buy a 16GB iPad Air today? Were you able to secure a discount or did you have to pay full price?