BillGuard helps you save cash with a robust fraud protection service and new money management tools


BillGuard is a startup money management service based in Tel Aviv that wants to help you save some of your hard-earned cash. The company kicked off its business with a service that allowed users to find and block unwanted charges on their credit cards. As reported by TechCrunch, a recent update to its iOS app added money management tools into the mix.

BillGuard offers a useful service that allows you to easily identify fraudulent charges and dispute them with minimal hassle. The service also helps to identify recurring charges from subscriptions and other services that go unnoticed because the user has forgotten about they signed up for X, Y or Z over a year ago.

BillGuard is moving beyond these protection services and now allowing customers to better manage their money with two new spending tools — Spend Analytics and Smart Savings. You can probably guess what Spend Analytics does by its name — the tool helps users see how they are spending their money so they can identify areas of overspending. Smart Savings also looks at your spending history, not to analyze your cash flow, but to help you find deals. The app knows when and where you make your purchases and can find bargain that you normally wouldn’t know about.

The company is only at the beginning of its journey, but it’s got a impressive start. The company has already saved users up to $50 million in fraudulent charges. It’s raised $13 million in funding and now has 23 employees. You can read more about BillGuard on its website and check out its money management app, which is available for free in the iOS App Store.