Everpix pulls its iPhone app as it shutters its photo storage service


Everpix jumped into the photo sharing and storage market in 2011 and garnered a small, but enthusiastic group of satisfied users in just a few short years. Those users are now singing a sad song as  the company confirmed it was shutting down its service in the coming weeks. The service allowed users to upload their photos quickly and easily from their iPhone or mobile device. It also synced photos from third-party services like Facebook, Picasa, or Instagram.

Everpix’s run in the competitive technology startup arena was brought to a quick halt when the company was unable to secure funding to grow its business as planned. As noted in an article at The Verge, the company admits it made mistakes along way, focusing too mouch on the product and not enough on marketing it to investors and consumers. Neil Rimer of  Index Ventures, an early investor in Everpix, adds his two cents by saying, “Having a great product is not the only thing that ultimately makes a company successful.”

Andrew Chen takes a close look at Everpix’s subscriber numbers and points out that the company would have likely found an investor if it had launched  a few years before it did, but the bar for receiving venture funding is significantly higher now.  It was partly bad timing, partly less than perfect metrics that caused the company to crumble.

Regardless of the why and how it happened, Everpix is poised to shut down its service for good on December 5th, 2013. Starting today, November 5th, the company is no longer accepting new users and is now a read-only service. Current customers can view their photos and download them, but they cannot sync any new content. Everpix confirms it will not sell or transfer any customer data and is working on a tool that’ll allow customers to easily export their entire library. Paying customers will receive a pre-rated refund.  Both the iOS and Android app have been pulled from their respective app stores.

You can read more about the shutdown here. Are you an Everpix user? Are you sad to see the service go?