Google Search for iOS updated with handsfree voice search, reminders, notifications, and new cards


Google today released a major update to the Google Search app for iOS, adding a bunch of new functionality to Google Now, including the much-hyped “OK Google” handsfree voice search that was one of the main features of Google’s flagship phone Moto X.

OK Google Handsfree voice search

On the iPhone 4s and later, you can simply say “OK Google” to search by voice (with the app open of course), making it very convenient to perform voice based, handsfree searches.


You’ll now get notifications for calendar events, appointments, flight delays and train information.


You can also ask Google Now to set reminders for you, just like you ask Siri. You can use natural language to specify the time or place to remind you. You can also ask to be reminded when one of your favorite:

– Musicians release a new album
– TV show has a new episode
– Actors star in a new movie
– Celebrities and politicians make headlines

New Cards

Google has also added new types of cards to show you more information:

– Tickets for movies, concerts and events
– Boarding passes for your flights
– Reservation confirmations for car rentals
– Warnings when your last train home leaves
– Lists of upcoming local events

Other improvements include:

– A redesigned and simplified homepage
– Gestures to zoom or throw away images
– One touch sign in if you use other Google apps
– Improved voiceover accessibility

If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use this iTunes link.

Download link:

Google Search – free