Launch day iPad Air popular among iPad owners


Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster surveyed launch day iPad Air customers and found that most were iPad owners who were upgrading. Based on the information he gathered in this survey, Munster believe the US iPad market is becoming increasingly saturated.

The Piper Jaffray survey was based on reports from 71 launch day iPad buyers in the US. The results show that 75 percent of buyers already owned an iPad, up from 58 percent recorded during the iPad mini launch last year.

Munster also found that most of these early adopters updated their device more frequently than the average consumer, following a 23 month upgrade cycle instead of the average of 30 months. Customers also bought higher capacity devices this time around, averaging 59.7GB for the Air as compared to 40.5GB for the iPad 3.

Interestingly enough, the survey revealed that a small percentage of iPad Air owners (18%) also had an iPad mini and planned to keep both devices. A similar trend was noticed last year during the iPad mini launch, with 76% of mini buyers using both the small tablet along with its bigger brethren.

The iPad Air went on sale today around the world. Supply of the device remained strong with most models still available as of the writing of this post. The only models that showed signs of selling out were the higher capacity configurations.

[Via AppleInsider]