biteSMS 8.0 beta for iOS 7 may be released on December 28; Mockup gives a glimpse of what it may look like


If you’re eagerly waiting for biteSMS then we’ve some good news for you.

Developers of the popular jailbreak tweak have been working hard to add support for iOS 7, and have indicated that the beta version could be released on Saturday, December 28.

They have posted the following update in their forums:

We have overcome mobile substrate not being ready, but are having some issues with 64 bit compilation. After about 10hours we have finally got biteSMS compiled. But there are some runtime issues, which are much harder to fix.

Best guess is a few days to get this sorted. Rest assured, it’s taken us all by surprise, but we have been working on biteSMS on iOS 7 for many months now, it’s not 100%, but I’d say it’s ready for Beta, about 85% there.

I’ll keep you updated here, but in the meantime have a Merry Christmas!

Best guess 28 Dec.

biteSMS is one of the popular alternatives for the Messages app as it includes number of features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, scheduled SMS, delivery reports, signatures etc. that are not available in the native Messages app.

In anticipation of the iOS 7 redesign, a reddit user has created mockups of biteSMS to give a glimpse of what it may look like on iOS 7, including a really cool dark theme and a gold theme (for the gold iPhone 5s). Let’s hope biteSMS 8.0 will look like the mockups.


Are you waiting for biteSMS for iOS 7? Let me know in the comments below.

[via biteSMS forum]