DockShift: New iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak lets you customize iPhone dock

DockShift is a new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak that lets you change the look and feel of the iPhone dock by allowing you to change the background.

After installing the tweak, you can change the background of the iPhone dock from a number of backgrounds. You can also make the background of the dock transparent or more blurred by selecting the appropriate background via the Settings app (Settings > DockShift > Style).


Settings page


Native iPhone dock


iPhone dock with transparent background


iPhone dock with Dark Milk Glass – opaque background

Check out the video walkthrough of the jailbreak tweak:

DockShift is available for free on Cydia. It requires iOS 7, and is not compatible with iPhone 4.

Let me know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments below.