evad3rs disable default installation of TaiG Chinese App Store from evasi0n7


evad3rs have disabled the default installation of the TaiG Chinese App Store after the backlash from the jailbreak community for bundling it with the evasion7 jailbreak.

evasion7 installed the Chinese App Store on the jailbroken device if the language on the users computer was Simplified Chinese. The bundling of the software had raised serious piracy and privacy related concerns.

evad3rs had written an open letter acknowledging that the Chinese App Store TaiG has indeed paid them money to bundle the software with evasi0n for Chinese users. They, however, contractually forbid Taig to include pirated content (paid iOS apps) in their App Store, which obviously the company didn’t follow.

They had instructed TaiG to remove sources that host pirated content. But had said that if the cracked apps weren’t removed, then they would pull TaiG from the evasi0n jailbreak.

pod2g has just confirmed that they have remotely disabled the default installation of the Taig Chinese App Store until further investigation of the privacy issue.

It’s a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen if evad3rs will win back the trust of the jailbreak community.

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