New iPhone Air concept sports an ultra-thin tapering design

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There may be a long way to go for the launch of the next generation iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped people from coming out with concepts of what the next iPhone may look like.

Designers at SET Solutions have created an iPhone concept dubbed iPhone Air, which as the name indicates has been inspired by the iPad Air.

The iPhone Air concept features an ultra-thin design, a bigger edge-to-edge display and Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It also sports a tapering design, with a thickness of 3mm at the top and 1.5mm at the bottom (iPhone 5s is 7.6mm thick). The iPhone Air concept also weighs only 70 grams (iPhone 5s weighs 112 grams).

Apple may be obsessed about making their devices thinner and lighter but even they would be hard pressed to make a device that is so unbelievably thin. Frankly, I think that customers would be better served if Apple can fit a bigger battery rather than make the next generation iPhone thinner.

SET Solutions have also created an ad and unboxing video for the iPhone Air.

We have already seen several iPhone 6 concepts, this iPhone 6 concept inspired by iPad mini/iPad Air design is currently my favorite.