Apple may launch iWatch with wireless charging capabilities in October 2014

Apple iWatch

According to Chinese website C Technology, Apple may launch its rumored smartwatch, dubbed iWatch alongside the next generation iPhone in October 2014.

The report claims that Apple is currently testing two iWatch prototypes, but hasn’t decided on the screen size of the device yet.

The report also claims that iWatch will come with a 100mAH battery, and will include a wireless charging capabilities that will allow the device to be charged from up to a meter range.

100mAH battery seems to be too small as wearable devices like the iWatch need to offer days of battery life rather than just a few hours like the iPhone or iPad. Even with a 318mAh battery, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch users have complained about poor battery life.

Earlier in the year, a report had claimed that Apple’s decision to use iOS was resulting in battery life issues as the iWatch prototypes were running out of battery in couple of days whereas the internal goal was 4 to 5 days.

Wireless charging would be ideal for the iWatch as charging or remembering to charge is one of the most painful things about wearable devices currently.

There have been several iWatch reports this year. Tim Cook has also acknowledged that wearable tech was an area of ‘profound’ interest for the company. Apple has also been busy filing trademark for the “iWatch” name in several countries, and hiring aggressively for the iWatch project, which strongly indicates that Apple is gearing up to launch a smartwatch sometime in the near future.

I am currently using the Pebble smartwatch (which seems to be getting better with every software update) but I can’t wait for Apple to launch iWatch.

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