Keep a Light Studio in Your Pocket with Kick [Deals Hub]


You’re about to see the world in a whole new light. Getting the right lighting for photos or video can be a difficult task to accomplish, but you can guarantee you’ll have the ideal exposure when you have Kick. About the size of a smartphone, Kick can create a photo studio effect without requiring all the equipment. Kick is on sale right now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

Even though it’s name is Kick, this thing packs a punch. With forty adjustable RGB LED lights that are capable of 400 lumens, it has a ton of power. But when paired with its mobile app (for iOS or Android), it becomes a smart set of lights that can give you intelligent illumination. With a couple quick taps on your smartphone, Kick can create almost any style of lighting, from a flash of lightning to the flickering of a campfire.

You can get Kick on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $149. That’s a 16% discount off the retail price. It’s a great price for this powerful lighting tool, so grab this offer today.