Watch Siri and Google Now go head-to-head [Video]


Siri was introduced more than two years ago, and it has learnt several new things over the course of these years, most recently learning to toggle settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Google Now, Google’s answer to Siri, had a late start, but has picked up pretty quickly, thanks to Google’s expertise in parsing raw search queries.

So how do these two virtual assistants compare to each other?

PhoneBuff posted two videos showing 50 commands each assistant is able to follow, giving a pretty good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Here’s 50 Siri Voice Commands:

Some of the cool things Siri can do:

And all the other new things it learn in iOS 7.

Here’s 50 Google Now Voice Commands:

Some of the cool things Google Now can do:

  • Track your package
  • Tilt, Do a barrel roll
  • Tell you a flight’s status
  • Translate words into different languages
  • Tell you a song based on a small audio clip, like Shazam
  • And of course Google Now is funny too

One of the best thing about Google Now in newer Android devices (and on the iPhone to a certain extent) is that it’s completely hands-free. You can activate it by simply saying “OK Google.”

Both these services do some great things, with Siri having an advantage of being built-in to the system, while Google having an edge due to its knowledge graph. The best thing for you as an iPhone or iPad user is that you can use both these services.

Let us know what you think about Siri and Google Now in the comments below.

[via Gizmodo]