Southwest Airlines to offer $2 in-flight iMessaging access

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Now that the in-flight use of devices is becoming the de facto standard, Southwest Airlines is looking to capitalize on this change by offering its passengers access to iMessaging for a nominal fee.According to MacRumors, Southwest Airlines will be charging customers $2 a day to access iMessages in flight. The airline will likely turn on WiFi for the entire flight, but will block ports to prevent users from accessing the Internet without paying the required fee. Users who pay $2 will be able to send and receive iMessages, while those who pay more will get expanded access to the internet. A limited time promotion will provide passengers with free content from 12 TV channels on their iOS device and laptops.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Southwest flies domestically in the US and internationally to Mexico and the Caribbean. The airlines is slowly rolling out WiFi on its fleet of airplanes, and has provided this handy tool for customers to find flights that already support this connectivity option. Have you used WiFi on Southwest? How was the experience?