ayecon: One of the best iOS 6 Winterboard Theme now available for iOS 7


ayecon has been one of our favorite Winterboard themes for the iPhone, and designer surenix today released the iOS 7 version of the theme, following the Winterboard for iOS 7 update.

The highlight of ayecon, as you would’ve guessed, are the highly detailed icons, which are reminiscent of the iOS 6 design era. The theme comes with 100+ icons, and even applies a shape mask to unsupported app icons so that they don’t seem out of place.

Apart from icons, your iPhone will get a new, glossy dock, redesigned status bar icons including signal strength and Wi-Fi and 9 beautiful still wallpapers. ayecon even tweaks the shape and design of the chat bubbles in the Messages app to match the overall look of the theme.


Here’s a video demo of the theme:

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ayecon is available from The Big Boss repo under the name “ayecon (iOS 7)” for $2.99, but you can download it for free if you had purchased it before.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the iOS 6-style icons in iOS 7.