BioLockdown: iPhone 5s tweak lets you lock apps, toggles and Settings with Touch ID


We’ve already seen couple of jailbreak tweaks (AppLocker and BioProtect) that let iPhone 5s users lock apps (and folders) with Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Ryan Petrich, one of famous Cydia developers, has joined the party by releasing a new jailbreak app called BioLockdown.

Unlike, BioProtect which allows you to only lock apps, and AppLocker that allows you to lock apps and folders, BioLockdown allows you to lockdown apps, switches (system toggles) and Settings panes with Touch ID.

After you install the tweak, you can launch the Settings app, and navigate to BioLockdown, to configure the apps, switches and Settings panes that you want to protect using Touch ID.

The user interface, as one would expect from Petrich, is quite nice. The apps, switches and Settings have been segregated in separate tabs. To lock an app, folder, or Settings, you need to tap on Settings > BioLockdown > New Restriction, and tap on it to add it to the list. That’s it, going forward when you try to access it, you will be prompted to use Touch ID to unlock it.


You can also set the grace period (Settings > BioLockdown > New Restriction), which allows you to open additional locked apps, switches or Settings pages without having to use Touch ID within that period. So you won’t be prompted to use your fingerprint to launch it.


You can check out our detailed video walkthrough of the jailbreak tweak below:

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BioLockdown is available on Cydia for $1.99. If you’re wondering which one to buy, then in my opinion the competition is between BioLockdown and AppLocker, as the former is quite similar to BioProtect but offers few more features. Applocker may not be as well designed as BioLockdown, but it offers lot more features, and is cheaper. Another thing to consider is the fact that BioLockdown works only on iPhone 5s, whereas you can use Applocker on your non-Touch ID devices as well.

Let me know what you think in the comments.