Get 50GB free Cloud Storage with Box’s new iOS app

Box is offering 50GB of free cloud storage to all users who download its new iOS app within the next 30 days.

The new version of Box for iOS has a bunch of new features including a redesigned UI, real-time search, new document preview experience and more. Here’s the full list:

  • Completely re-written app
  • New navigation and redesigned UI
  • New preview experience for documents, photos and videos
  • Faster document rendering and photo loading
  • Real-time search (for files and within files)
  • Better sharing and controls
  • AirPrint, Bookmarks, and savings videos from Box to your library coming in future releases

If you already have the Box app, and want to claim this offer, you’ll have to log out and login again. In its terms, Box notes that the offer isn’t cumulative. That is, if you have storage less than 50GB, you’ll be upgraded to a 50GB account, but if you have more storage than that, you won’t see any difference.

Download link:

Box for iOS – free