CyanogenMod Installer Now Available for the Mac


Installing a replacement ROM on an Android phone is not an easy task. One mistake and you could brick your phone. To streamline the process and safeguard against errors, the team at Cyanogen has been working on a one-click installer for CyanogenMod. This one-click installer recently landed on OS X as a public beta.The OS X version is designed for Mac owners who rock an Android smartphone or tablet. Though most Mac owners likely have an iPhone, there are probably a small subset of users who also own an Android device. Now, these folks can install CyanogenMod with just a few simple steps.

The installation process is easy enough that novice Android owners can do it. Youfirst  have to turn on USB Debugging mode on your phone. Then  connect your phone to your Mac via USB and run the Cyanogen installer. The installer will do most of the work, installing the software and rebooting your phone. When all is said and done, CyanogenMod will be installed on your phone. Before you get started, you should check out this list to make sure your device is supported.

Do you have an Android device that would look wonderful wrapped up in CyanogenMod?

[Via Geek]