Messages Customiser lets you customize the look of Messages app in iOS 7

Messages Customiser is a cool new jailbreak tweak, which as the name suggests, lets you customize almost every aspect of the Messages app.

After you install Messages Customiser, it allows you to customize the following:

  • You can change the color of the message bubbles from grey and blue (iMessage)/green (SMS) by navigating to Settings > Messages Customiser > SMS Bubbles and Settings > Messages Customiser > iMessage Bubbles. You can also change the color of message bubble of the sender by navigating to Settings > Messages Customiser > Other Person Bubbles, which is light grey by default.
  • You can change the color of the text at the top of the app such as “Messages” and “Contact” by navigating to Settings > Messages Customiser > App Tint.
  • When you enable the Gradient toggle, the message bubbles are darker for newer messages and lighter for older ones while in the conversation view. It looks quite nice with Gradients enabled.
  • You can also disable Message tails. These are little tails at the bottom of the message bubbles.
  • You can enable Contact photos in the list view by enabling the Show Contact Pictures toggle.
  • You can also make the message bubbles wider by enabling the Wide Message Bubbles toggle.

Please note that you need to kill the Messages app from the app switcher, and then restart it for the changes to take effect.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Messages Customiser to get a better idea:

Messages Customiser developed by Charlie Hewitt is available for free on Cydia. It is compatible with all iOS 7 and A7 devices, so it works on iPhone 5s as well.

Let me know what you think of Messages Customiser in the comments below.