How to add Weather to iOS 7 Lock screen with this Awesome Cydget Theme [Video]


There are some really cool things you can do to transform your Lock screen with Cydget.

Yesterday, we showed you how to theme iOS 7 lock screen with the sleek rising time bars. Are you a weather addict and always wanted to display live weather on the lockscreen?

It’s now possible thanks to a new Cydget theme aptly called iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather ($1.5). However, you will need an app like iFile to access the file system on your jailbroken device as you will need to manually edit the location to display the correct weather in your location.

The nice thing about this Cydget theme is that it blends so well with the lock screen that it feels as if it is the native part of iOS 7. Note: The developers have mentioned that the theme is primarily for 4-inch screens, so iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5, but it should work on other devices as well. They plan to add full support for other iOS devices shortly.

Here’s how you get it:

  • Launch Cydia and install Cydget if you haven’t installed it already.
  • Then Purchase and install iOS 7 Lockscreen Weather.
  • Launch iFile, and navigate to System > Library > LockCydgets > iOS 7 LockScreen Weather.cydget -> script
  • Tap on config.js file to open it. Then tap on Edit.
  • Scroll down and look for document.cookie=”cookiewoeid=12345″. Here 12345 is the WOEID (where on earth identifier), which is unique to the location. You need to replace the WOEID with the one for your location. You can get the WOEID from this link.
  • The weather is displayed in Celcius by default. You can also change the value of variable cookietemp to “f” from “c” if you want the temperature to be displayed in Fahrenheit.
  • After you have replaced the value, tap on the Save button, followed by Done.
  • Launch the Settings app and navigate to Cydget > Lock Cydget Order, and tap on iOS 7 LockScreen Weather. You can tap on Welcome to remove the welcome screen message when you install Cydget. You can keep the AwayView checked as that’s the default view of the lock screen.
  • Then exit the Settings app, this will automatically respring your device.

That’s it. You should see the live weather on your iPhone’s lock screen. In case you are not aware, the cool thing about Cydget is that you can have both the rising time bars and the iOS 7 lockscreen weather theme running at the same time. You can cycle through them by pressing the Home button. I just installed it, so I am not sure how often the weather information is updated, and what impact it can have on battery life. I couldn’t find any variable to adjust the time interval.

Here’s the video walkthrough of the tweak:

If you’re on iOS 6.x, then you can check out this reddit thread to find out how to get the iOS 7 lock screen weather to work on iOS 6.

Let me know how it goes in the comments.

[Image via reddit as it really looked good, so please don’t ask me about the wallpaper. I will add the link if I can find it]