Apple lures sleep researcher Roy J.E.M Raymann away from Philips for iWatch Project

sleep-iosApple just added another big name medical researcher to its alleged iWatch dream team. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has hired Roy J.E.M Raymann, a sleep researcher who was formerly employed by Philips.

Before joining Apple, Raymann has a long list of accomplishments at Philips. He was a lead sleep researcher working in Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle Sleep Research Program and its Brain, Body, and Behavior group. He also founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory. Much of his work has focused on the non-medical measurement of sleep and alertness using sensors and other non-pharmacological methods.

Sleep tracking is an area ripe for innovation. Most fitness trackers monitor sleep quality, but the bands use arm motion during sleep to gauge sleep quality. This is limited in its scope and may not pick up sleep disturbances that don’t produce the gross movement of the limbs. A different, more sensitive sensor may pick up on subtle cues that can be measured at the surface of the skin, for example.

Apple is allegedly exploring different sensors that can monitor vital signs like blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate and more. This technology may land in a fitness band that could connect to iOS via Healthbook, a fitness app that is rumored to be under development by Apple.