Developer removes FlappyBird from App Store


As promised, Dong Nguyen, the developer of FlappyBird, has removed the game from the App Store.

The unexpected smash hit broke records for its atmospheric climb to the top of iOS App Store charts before it was removed.

FlappyBird was generating an impressive $50,000 each day in advertising revenues, and was downloaded more than 50 million times, so the removal of the game does come as a surprise to us.

Nguyen has insisted that the press has overrating the success of the game, which is something he doesn’t want. He also seemed to be uncomfortable with the attention and success the game has brought him, and wanted some peace.

He had clarified that the removal of the game from the App Store was not related to any legal issue, and he doesn’t plan to sell it either. He does plan to make games, and his other two games Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block are still available in the App Store.

There were speculations that his announcement about removing the game was just a marketing stunt to get more coverage for his game, especially since he had released an update for the game with new birds, improved the frame rate, updated the UI and fixed few bugs couple of days back. However, that certainly wasn’t the case.

When you click on the direct iTunes link it gives the “Item not available” error message. The game does not show up in the search as well.

If you had downloaded the game then you will be able to continue playing the game on your iOS device.

Are you disappointed that the game is being removed from the App Store?