How to theme iOS 7 Lock screen with cool Rising Time Bars

risingbars1Sick of the same old lock screen date and time? Rising Bars fixes that.  It brings a whole new look to your time and date on your lock screen by adding rising bars that fill up incrementally based on the 24 hour time clock.  So naturally there are 3 bars, hour, minute, seconds and the bars will continue to fill with each passing hour, minute,  and second.  Here’s how to get it:

  • First thing you want to download is Cydget. This is going to allow you enable the Rising Bars Cydget
  • Next, add this repo:
  • Then search and install: iOS7 Rising Bars Cydget

Once you have everything installed, you should be able to go into Settings > Cydget and enable your new Cydget lock screen theme.

Here’s a video of the iOS 7 Rising Bars Cydget in action:

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I think it looks a lot nicer than the original clock and date. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!