iOS 7.1 to launch in the coming weeks

According to BGR, Apple may be close to releasing iOS 7.1. The company will allegedly not release another beta version to developers and will jump right to the gold master version. There is no tentative date for the release of the gold master other than soon.Earlier reports from BGR suggested iOS 7.1 would land in March, but the latest information from the blog suggests the March date was farther away than expected.

We have learned that Apple will most likely not release another iOS 7.1 beta for download, meaning that the public release of the software should be available sometime in the coming weeks. One of our sources pegs the release happening in early March, though that does seem far away for us. We expect a gold master build to be available before iOS 7.1 makes it way into general customers’ hands, though there is currently no hard date for that.

iOS 7.1 is expected to fix a handful of problems with bug crashes and slowness in the OS. Apple also reportedly is tweaking the UI to make it more consistent across apps. Apple released beta version 5 of iOS 7.1 today with a handful of minor improvements in the keyboard, calendar and more.