iPhone 5s prices around the world: Most expensive in Brazil; Cheapest in the US

apple-brazilAfter finally snapping up the rights to use the iPhone name in Brazil a few months ago, Apple made further strides in conquering one of the world’s fastest evolving smartphone markets by opening its first official retail store in the country on Sunday.

But the iPhone 5s is hardly accessible to Brazilian masses, since it costs a whopping 2,799 reais, the equivalent of roughly $1,170. That’s for the 16 GB flavor, a model available in the U.S for almost half the price – $649.

Meanwhile, the 32 GB variant goes for 3,199 reais ($1,340) in Brazil and $749 in the US, whereas the highest-end version, packing 64 GB storage, is around $1,500 and $849 respectively. The staggering gap is of course caused by import duties and taxes, making Brazil the place with the costliest iPhone 5s in the world. Guess you now know what to not pick up as a souvenir next time you attend the Rio carnival.

Interestingly, adding a very important variable in the equation, namely GDP per capita, we can reach the conclusion things are not the worst in the land of soccer, coffee and beautiful girls. So, the high value of all final goods and services produced in the country over the span of a year, divided by the average population (that’s GDP per capita, for the record), actually puts Brazil ahead of Philippines, Jordan, Vietnam and India in a list of nations where it’s technically cost-conscious to pick up an iPhone 5s.

An iPhone 5s is thus worth roughly 10 percent of the GDP in Brazil, compared to over 22 in India, but a measly 1.36 percent in USA and 0.76 in Qatar. Arab Emirates, here we come.

The world map below courtesy Mobile Unlocked gives a good idea of how expensive an iPhone 5s is in your country relative to other countries (Note: there is some discrepancy probably due to the exchange rate used by the two sites).


[Via BloombergMobile Unlocked]