iWatch Concept shows curved display, apps and sensors

iwatch concept 1

While we know a little bit about the iWatch, its look as well as the software it’ll run remains a complete mystery. We’ve seen several iWatch concepts take a shot at how its interface and design might look like, and today we share another concept by DesignerEI.

The concept shows the iWatch with a curved touchscreen display, a home button, and a wide strap. The concept is one of the very few that also incorporate sensors, which will reportedly form an important part of the iWatch’s health and fitness based features. These sensors could be added beneath the face of the watch and around the clasp, both areas where the skin is in direct contact.

iwatch concept 2

Apple’s aggressively hiring biomedical and sensor experts for the iWatch project, and is also working on a Healthbook app that’ll keep track of health statistics using data from these sensors. The company has reportedly already signed a deal with LG for curved 1.5-inch displays for the iWatch.

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[via MacRumors]