Analyst: Apple to launch iWatch and next-gen iPad Air with A8 and Touch ID in 2014, 12.9-inch iPad Pro and next-gen Retina iPad mini in 2015


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities issued a report, where he has made some interesting predictions for 2014.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a good track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s product plans.

He has made the following predictions for 2014 in his latest research report:

  • He expects the overall iPad shipments to fall this year, as he expects Apple to launch only a new version of iPad Air this year.
  • He expects the next generation iPad Air to come with Apple’s next generation A-series chip, the A8 and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which was first introduced with the launch of iPhone 5s last year.
  • According to Kuo, Apple is indeed working on the 12.9-inch iPad, unofficially dubbed iPad Pro, but he doesn’t expect Apple to complete the development in time for this year’s launch.
  • He expects iPad Air to be a growth driver for the company, but notes that it will require a revised version of the operating system to take advantage of the 12.9-inch screen.
  • According to Kuo, Apple is working on finishing the operating system for the rumored iWatch as a priority over iPad Pro, so the company may not be able to finish it by the end of 2014. He expects iWatch to be launched this year.
  • He also doesn’t expect Apple to launch a new version of Retina iPad mini this year.
  • Interestingly, he expect Apple to restart production of the iPad 4 in Q1 2014 as it looks to wind down the production of iPad 2.
  • Overall, Kuo expects iPad shipments to fall from 34 million units in Q1 2013 to below 30 million units in Q1 2014.

It has been widely speculated that Apple will launch a bigger iPad later this year. It would also be odd if Apple doesn’t update the Retina iPad mini, as you would expect Apple to launch an updated version of Retina iPad mini with A8 chip and Touch ID fingerprint sensor just like the next generation iPad Air.

However, Kuo has a strong track record. He had correctly predicted most of Apple’s product releases last year and the entire fall lineup in 2012.

Let me know which Apple product are you most eagerly waiting for, in the comments below.

[Via AppleInsider]