New mockups give a glimpse of iOS 8 Healthbook App

healthbookb Several concept images portraying iOS 8’s rumored Healthbook app were published today on design website Behance. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the illustrations are based on earlier details leaked about the app and are “vaguely” close to the developing app that’ll sync with the rumored iWatch. The mockups demonstrate Healthbook’s rumored card-style interface that’s borrowed from Apple’s Passbook app. It is believed the Healthbook fitness app will pull its data both from the iPhone and the rumored iWatch fitness band. It’ll track fitness and medical statistics such as diet, calories burned blood pressure, hydration level and more.

According to sources, the mockups are “vaguely” the right idea. Of course, Apple is likely testing multiple different user-interfaces for this software, and since we are several months out from an official introduction, things can and likely will change (even drastically)…

9to5Mac also responds to a recent report from MobileHealthNews that toned down the hype surrounding the iWatch and presented it more as a fitness band and less as a medical device. The blog reiterated its earlier report that the iWatch will include advanced functions like blood glucose monitoring and hydration tracking as long as these features can stay within FDA regulations. Other features like pregnancy and stress monitoring were not mentioned by 9to5 sources, but that doesn’t mean these items won’t make it into early versions of the app.

Apple will likely launch the health monitoring app with a different name, with 9to5 noting that Healthbook was a codename assigned to the app and probably not the shipping name. The app is expected to ship with iOS 8, but that timeframe may change based upon development of the iWatch hardware. The app and hardware likely will launch close together as the iWatch will rely heavily on the iPhone for data syncing.

The timing of the launch of the iWatch is very much up in the air as Apple will have to work with regulatory bodies worldwide to get the iWatch into the hands of consumers on a global scale. Government works on a different timetable than technology, making it difficult for Apple to release the iWatch in timely manner.