Play Nintendo games on your iPhone or iPad with this NES emulator; No Jailbreak required


For many of us, one of the charms of jailbreaking has been the wide variety of emulators available on Cydia that Apple won’t allow on the App Store. webNES is a new NES emulator that’ll work on your iPhone even without a jailbreak. Read on for more.

webNES is a web-based NES emulator accessible via the URL that you can run on mobile Safari, and play your favorite retro games like Mario, Rad Racer and more.

  • To start with, visit on your iPhone or iPad. You should see the site load up, and already have a few NES games listed:
2014-02-16 21.23.42
  • To make it seem as if you’re using a native app, you can even add webNES to your Home Screen by hitting the Share button and tapping on “Add to Home Screen.” This’ll make the web app run in full screen mode.
  • Don’t like the games listed? You can add your own NES ROMs from your Dropbox account by hitting the “+” button at the top-right.
  • Tap on any of the games to start playing. You’ll see a new screen with the D-pad, the A, B, select and start buttons.
  • You can even tilt your iPhone to landscape mode to let webNES use the entire screen:
2014-02-16 21.24.31
  • webNES also works on the iPad:

webNES might not be as smooth as the native emulators that we’ve seen on Cydia (and ones that have snuck on the App Store), but it is still pretty cool, and can run not just on iOS, but even Android devices.

Let us know what you think about webNES in the comments below.

Hat tip: iDB