Samsung makes fun of iPhone 5s and iPad Air in new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 ads

galaxy note 3 iphone 5s

Samsung today posted two new video ads for the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 3 that directly take on the iPad Air and the iPhone 5s over the lack of features like a stylus, an HD screen, split-screen multitasking and more.

Samsung hasn’t shied away from directly mentioning Apple in previous ads, but this time, it doesn’t take a jibe at the buyers of Apple products, but the products themselves.

The minute-long Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 commercial touts the tablet’s 2560 x 1600 pixels, 299ppi display, which has a higher resolution and pixel density than the iPad Air’s 2048 x 1536, 264ppi display. It also mocks the lack of side-by-side multitasking in iOS, and the iPad Air’s 7.5mm thickness, 0.2mm more than the Galaxy Tab Pro. The whole ad is a parody of Apple’s “Pencil” iPad Air commercial.

The Galaxy Note 3 video ad is also a minute long, and features the iPhone 5s and the Note 3 side-by-side, both playing a video of LeBron James dunking. The narrator points out that the larger 5.7-inch, HD screen of the Note 3 is much better than the iPhone 5s’ 4-inch, 1136×640 pixels display, and touts the Galaxy Note 3’s “S-Pen” stylus.

The ads do a good job of selling Samsung’s own devices, and they’re far better than the previous series of ads where all Samsung did was mock Apple “fanboys.” Some of the points Samsung notes are valid, like the lack of side-by-side multitasking in iOS, and the smaller screen on the iPhone 5s, but the company seems to give way too much importance to the S-Pen stylus, an accessory useful to very few people.

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