Apple officially unveils the 8GB iPhone 5c and relaunches the 16GB iPad 4

iPhone 5c 8GB

Just as we mentioned yesterday, the 8GB iPhone 5c has been officially launched by Apple. The American Apple Store website is yet to reflect the addition of this new variant, but it’s already selling in the UK Apple Store.

Pricing is set at £429 which is a good £40 less compared to the 16GB model, while the 32GB variant still costs £549. Customers can buy the 8GB iPhone 5c in all five colors as usual, so nothing is different in that regard. This move from Apple has been long expected given the unflattering sales of the smartphone.

In addition to this new model of the iPhone 5c going live, Apple has relaunched the 16GB model of the 4th generation Retina Display iPad. The re-inclusion of this tablet has officially taken the iPad 2 out of rotation, thus maintaining a high end tablet lineup.

iPad 4 Retina 16GB


Unlike the iPhone 5c, the 16GB iPad 4 is already available in the American online Apple Store, with the Wi-Fi only model costing $399 while the cellular variant is priced at $529. This will offer users a cheaper alternative to the iPad Air which costs $100 more than the 4th generation iPad.

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