How to create nested folders in iOS 7.1

nested folders io 7

There was a bug in the initial few releases of iOS 7 that let you create a folder inside folder, but Apple patched it later. If you liked having nested folders, we have some good news for you. It’s possible to create nested folders in iOS 7.1 too, read further for step-by-step instructions.

  • To create a folder inside a folder, you’ll need one folder (we’ll call this folder 1), and two apps that live on the home screen, and aren’t in a folder.
  • Put one app over the other to create a new folder, but before the folder zooms in, tap and hold folder1.
  • Once the screen zooms into the new folder, you’ll see that you can now drag folder1 into the new folder. You can now release folder1, and folder1 will be inside the newly created folder.

For a better demo, here’s a 26 second video showing the whole process, which is quite quick. You can now release folder1.

Some users say that it is possible to use this technique in earlier versions too. Let us know if you were able to create nested folders in earlier versions of iOS 7 too. (If you’re jailbroken, there are plenty of tweaks that let you do this easily.)

[via TUAW]