Norwegian carrier Telenor giving away free Apple TV with iPhone 5c


Norwegian carrier Telenor is running a promotion, where customers who buy a 16GB iPhone 5c will get a free Apple TV. The offer, however, appears to be applicable only on the green variant of the device.

Sales of the iPhone 5c aren’t as good as Apple would have expected, with the costlier iPhone 5s outselling the iPhone 5c by a factor of 2. This promotion seems like a way to boost iPhone 5c sales, though were not sure if Telenor worked with Apple on this offer.

iphone 5c apple tv free


Apples certainly aware about the iPhone 5cs low sales, and is trying to increase them by introducing a cheaper model. Given that, it’s likely that Apple let Telenor buy Apple TV units for cheap, in order to bundle them with iPhone 5c purchases. Apple is rumored to refresh the Apple TV this year, but we doubt this promotion has anything to do with that.

For more information about the promotion, you can visit Telenor’s website.

It would be nice if other carriers would give a similar offer on the iPhone 5s in other countries.

Thanks Christer for the tip!