New HealthPatch biosensor hints at what’s possible in Apple’s iWatch

healthpatc-mainVital Connect today launched HealthPatch, a new biosensor product that measures parameters vital to a person’s health and well-being. The wearable fits under a user’s clothing and replaces several costly medical devices that currently are in use.

Vital Connect has packed cutting edge sensor technology into the HealthPatch device, making it small enough to be worn on the chest without detection under a shirt or blouse. Siting next to the skin, the device will measure both medical and fitness vitals such as heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, stress levels, sleep staging and more.

HealthPatchTM can replace devices like chest straps, bracelets, arm bands, clip-on pedometers and sport watches currently being used to track fitness and wellness. Instead, athletes training for a major competition or average people simply trying improve overall health can wear the HealthPatchTM day and night for continuous readings and evaluations.

Vital Connect is close to receiving FDA approval for the device and will have a consumer version ready in just a few months. While the medical version will be targeted towards older customers who can take advantage of advanced functions like fall detection, the consumer version will focus on personal health management and fitness tracking.

Though not applicable to the iWatch directly, this technology gives us insight into what the iWatch may be capable of in future iterations. Apple has hired several key employees from Vital Connect, including former Research and Developer Vice President Ravi Narasimhan, algorithms architect Nima Ferdosi and biomedical engineer Alexander Chan. Apple has assembled a a dream team of scientists and medical researcher to work on its iWatch product, which is expected to debut sometime in 2014.

What features do you think the iWatch will include? What would you like to see?

[Via 9to5Mac]