iOS 8 Healthbook Mockups and functionality detailed: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Sleep Tracking and more

healthbook icon

Among all the rumors surrounding iOS 8, the Healthbook app is most intriguing. The app will reportedly let you monitor your most important health statistics and track vital signs to help you stay fit, presumably using data from the iWatch.

9to5Mac today revealed a bunch of new information about Healthbook, detailing its features, interface and other minute details, with mock images to show the UI.


  • Healthbook will have a Passbook-like interface, with a stack of cards, with each card representing the category of functionality in the app. These cards can be rearranged based on the user’s preferences.
  • The cards will represent functionality like bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, physical activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and weight.
healthbook cards list
  • Tapping on a card in the list will reveal it fully, showing graphs, figures and stats based on the category of health stats:
healthbook cards

Fitness Tracking

  • Three of the cards in Healthbook, Activity, Weight, and Nutrition make up the fitness tracking functionality.
  • The app tracks your steps taken, calories burned, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat, and a graph to keep track of your progress over time (day, week, month, year).
  • The Nutrition tab will let you enter your food intake and maintain your diet.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Healthbook will let you keep track of your heart rate in beats per minute, and your blood pressure will be recorded “in both its diastolic (minimum) and systolic (peak) forms.”

Bloodwork, Blood Sugar and more

  • Healthbook will let you track blood sugar (glucose) levels, an important statistic for people who have diabetes.
  • The app will also track your oxygen saturation, which is the ratio of the percentage of oxygen in your blood to the percentage of blood that can be forcibly stored in your bloodstream.
  • The functionality of the Bloodworks tab is unclear, but it could refer to stats that are commonly tracked by medical professionals

Sleep Tracking

  • Healthbook will let you keep track of your sleep cycle. Existing sleep tracking apps let you keep track of the various phases of sleep, the duration of your sleep and more.

Emergency Card

  • In addition to all these stats and medical info, Healthbook will also have an “Emergency Card” that’ll house information like your name, birthdate, blood type, medication info, location and more.
  • This card would be useful in medical emergency situations.
healthbook-emergency card

Source of information

Healthbook stores a lot of varied types of medical information, but where will it get all this data from? 9to5Mac says this could be obtained from sensors like M7 chip on the iPhone itself, third-party apps, and possibly the iWatch.

Healthbook’s resemblance to Passbook isn’t just in terms of its interface. It could act as a central location for third-party apps to store medical data, just like Passbook stores tickets, coupons etc. from other apps.

With so much information about Healthbook already revealed, let us know what you think about the app in the comments below.