Report speculates iPhone 6 camera could come with Optical Image Stabalization (OIS)


The iPhone camera includes image stabilisation that takes photos in quick succession and combines the images so as to minimise motion. But this solution is software-based, and a patent application published earlier in the year had revealed that Apple plans on moving away from this approach to optical image stabilisation (OIS).

MacRumors now relays a report from Motley Fool, which speculates that InvenSense, a supplier of sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to major phone manufacturers, could supply OIS gyroscope to Apple for iPhone 6:

There’s one additional socket that InvenSense could win on the iPhone — an OIS gyroscope. The burgeoning technology is used to improve smartphone camera’s by stabilizing the image using a gyroscope. Samsung neglected to use the technology in the Galaxy S5, but Apple may decide to integrate it into the iPhone 6. If it does, InvenSense is a clear choice.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 and HTC One were one of the first smartphones to come with OIS. Steve Litchfield who writes for our sister Android Beat explains what is OIS and why is it such a big deal:

As the acronym suggests, it’s a way of stabilising a still image (to try and avoid blurring) or videos (to help avoid shaking effects) using optical methods, and so keeping 100% of the quality. Previous smartphones have used either accelerometer-based digital stabilisation, where the software adjusts the image framing in response to up/down/left/right input from the phone’s accelerometers, or pure software-based digital stabilisation, where high contrast objects in the frame are ‘tracked’ and used as reference points. Unsurprisingly, optical image stabilisation produces vastly superior results.

This video from CES 2013 demonstrates how InvenSense Gyroscope tackles Optical Image Stabilization:

The possibility of iPhone 6 coming with OIS seems quite speculative at that stage, but we do hope Apple includes it as it is certainly on my wish list.

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