Photo of purported iPhone 6 component hints at bigger display, bezel-less design?


French website has republished images, which it claims could be the purported digitizer of Apple’s next generation iPhone, popularly dubbed iPhone 6.

The image seems to show digitizer of iPhone 4S (3-5-inch), iPhone 5s (4-inch) and iPhone 6. The image seems to suggest that even though the size of iPhone 6’s digitizer is almost the same size as the iPhone 5s, it may feature a bigger display. Apple could achieve this by going bezel-less as can be seen in the image, and increasing the height of the display.

There have been several rumors, which suggest that iPhone 6 could feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display. It has also been rumored that Apple could use sapphire glass display for the iPhone 6.

The photo was first published on Chinese forum WeiPhone, but it is difficult to confirm the authencity of the photo. also points out that though it does look like the photo has been visibly touched and the quality of the photo is quite acceptable, the person who took the picture could have easily tampered with iPhone 5s glass panel by stripping out the ink to make it look like next generation iPhone’s display.

It is difficult to believe that the iPhone 6 could sport a bezel-less design even if it features sapphire glass display, as even though sapphire display is expected to be more durable, it is not free from impact damage. The position of the hole for the Home button also seems to be quite awkward.

Let me know what you think. Real, fake or really fake?