Apple will automate iPhone battery production starting from late 2014

iPhone Battery

A new report from Taiwanese sources claims that Apple is looking to automate battery production of the iPhones in order to focus on other essential components needed by the smartphone.

This move will save plenty of time and help Apple focus on other essential areas where manpower is essential. The report said – “Apple has already automated its Mac Pro and iMac production lines. Other than materials and final assembly, manpower is not required for the rest of the manufacturing,” indicating that Apple will take the same route with the iPhones.

Not only will this move help save some time, but will also save money for Apple. An automated process will further rule out any errors associated with manufacturing as observed in some rare cases with the iPhone 5s from last year.

Apple’s manufacturing partner, Pegatron is expected to begin production of the iPhone 6 by the end of Q2 2014, with a launch expected by Fall this year. So streamlining battery manufacturing could prove to be crucial in speeding up the assembly process.

But with most of Apple’s component supply partners based in China, this new change is unlikely to make Apple shift its supply chain anytime soon.