Is Jailbreaking Annoying? p0sixspwn Developer Thinks so


winocm is one of the developers of p0sixspwn, the tool that lets you jailbreak devices running iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.6. You’d expect him to be a big jailbreaking enthusiast, but in a recent blog post, he says that he finds jailbreaking annoying, and prefers stock iOS.

winocm outlines several reasons behind his liking of stock iOS over a jailbreak, which vary from the instability that comes as a part of tweaks, to app piracy and the reduced security.

From his blog post:

It seems as if there’s a collection of tweaks and other software that can cause a phone to utterly break.

Yes, tweaks and all are cool things, but as they are additional pieces of software that hook deeply into system APIs, they will incur additional stability issues that aren’t even part of the normal release OS.


Although tweaks and extensions provide many interesting concepts, they are incredibly trivial things.  Jailbreaking and all provides users with a way of extending their devices and making them ‘uniquely’ theirs. I don’t view customization as an incredibly important thing personally,

Don’t even get me started. It’s pretty obvious that many people subvert security subsystems on their device for the express purpose of running ‘so-called’ unsigned applications.

I prefer to run stock iOS. Jailbreaking is annoying. I’d prefer to not risk my device’s integrity.

Interestingly, winocm will be joining Apple later this year.

So do you think jailbreaking is annoying? Many jailbreak tweaks do cause instabilities to iOS, and could cause the system to crash, but I think jailbreakers understand these risks and choose to customise their device and install tweaks despite that.