Apple adds 4K support to OS X as it works on its own 4K monitor

apple cinema displayApple may be expanding support for 4K displays in the latest developer release of OS X 10.9.3, but this release may be part of a bigger plan to release and Apple-branded 4K display, reports 9to5 Mac.

The OS X version arrived today with no new listed features, but a close look at the release reveals changes for users with a 4K display.  The latest update allows for pixel-doubling and 60Hz refresh rates for users with late 2013-MacBook Pros, which enables the display of a desktop at a native Retina resolution over HDMI and possibly Thunderbolt.

Running OS X pixel-doubled on a 4K display means content is much sharper than before. It is the same as running a Retina MacBook Pro at standard Retina resolution or as using a Retina iPhone or iPad. The screen pushes double the resolution in the same amount of space in order to provide the user with sharper graphics.

This update, when it lands, may pave the way for Apple to introduce its own 4K display. Sources close to 9to5Mac claims the company has been working on standalone 4K displays and similar displays for its iMac computers. It is not known when Apple will release such a display, but the company would likely time a release with the launch of a fully 4K-compatible version of OS X. It makes sense that Apple would release this feature in OS X and then point customers to its own 4K display, instead of its competitors.