Apple highlights Selfie apps in new featured App Store section

selfies-app-storeApple added a new section to the iOS App Store that is dedicated to apps that take and share selfies. Among the featured apps are the well-known messaging app Snapchat, photo-taking app Frontback and selfie-enhancing app Facetune.

This new section was noticed on Friday and likely made its debut as part of Apple’s weekly refresh of the App Store that occurs each Thursday night. As part of this update,  new featured sections appear and a new “App of the Week” is featured by Apple. The list of apps included in Apple’s new selfies section include:

Selfies are a hot topic after Ellen Degeneres snagged a high-profile group selife during the Academy Awards. This single photo became the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter, with over 2.7 million RTs. The selfie was snapped with a Galaxy Note 3, which was provided to Ellen as part of a Samsung promotion. Though Ellen was seen using the Note 3 during the award ceremony, photos taken backstage reveal she or a member of her staff was using an iPhone, and not the sponsored Note 3.

Do you take selfies? Share you favorite selfie-taking apps in the comments!

[Via Federico Viticci and 9to5Mac]