Theme Sunday: Vhue, Zanilla, Style HD, Newport, Kage7

It’s Sunday and that means that we have some new awesome iOS 7 Winterboard themes for you to check out. We have brand new themes as well as some themes that have just been updated for iOS 7.

Vhue – $1.99

VhueFirst up, we have Vhue. This theme reminds me a bit of the M’Flat theme because of the nice white glyphs and the transparent overlay on the icons. The overlay is actually a screenshot of inside the app itself and I think it looks really nice.

Zanilla – Free


Zanilla is a really nice looking theme. It has some light, long shadows on some of the icons that give the glyphs some depth. It has more of a cartoon-y look and feel, but it’s still really clean and hard to pass up with that price tag.

Style HD – $1.99


If you’re into circular icons, look no further. This is a really thought out theme that has nice big glyphs that compliment the circular icons very well. Most of the icons have a nice thin, black outline that help make the icons pop. It has a bit of a darker color scheme with hints of bright colors on some icons that make them really stand out.

Newport for iOS 7 – $2.99


Newport is an iOS 6 theme that was updated for iOS 7. You can see just by looking at it how well it fit in with iOS 6, because it still has those popular iOS 6 features. There’s quite a bit of detail in this theme and it has a nice glossy overlay with a 3D look that make it stand out among the mostly flat themes that we see for iOS 7.

Kage7 – $1.99


Here’s another really nice theme called Kage7. It has some awesome contrasting colors with really dark, long shadows that look like the sun is just about to set. This theme comes with 10 different wallpapers that have different color schemes, but the same idea as in the one shown above. A bright top right corner (the sun) gleaming down on the icons to give it that nice effect for the shadows.

If you’d like to see what these themes look like live, then check out the video below:

Let us know which is your favorite! And if you’d like, post a screenshot of your home screen in the comments so we can check out your setup!