TSMC begins production of Apple’ A8 chips for iPhone 6: Report


A new report claims that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company also known as TSMC has started manufacturing Apple’s A8 chips, which is expected to be used in iPhone 6. Apple has long contemplated a switch to TSMC which will allow the folks at Cupertino to no longer depend on Samsung for its chipset requirements.

Since the production of this new chipset has already begun, the report claims that Apple will be able to launch the next generation iPhone by the third quarter of the year. The Apple A8 will reportedly be manufactured using the 20nm process and will feature a quad-core 64-bit CPU and quad core graphics.

It was initially claimed that the A8 will be manufactured by both Samsung and TSMC, but the Korean manufacturer reportedly backed out after it failed to meet Apple’s demands. This has allowed the Taiwanese chip maker to take the sole responsibility of manufacturing the next gen Apple chipset.

According to analysts from the Citigroup Global Markets, Apple is expected to ship close to 90 million units of the iPhone 6. So TSMC will have to drastically ramp up production if it has to meet the demand.

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