TSMC may split production of iPhone 6’s A8 chip with Samsung after all

Samsung Logo

A new report claims that TSMC might be sharing production of the upcoming Apple A8 chipset with Samsung, contrary to recent reports which suggested that the Korean manufacturer was dropped as a manufacturer because of low yields for the A-series processor.

ZDNet reports that according to an anonymous Samsung official, the reports about manufacturing issues were “exaggerated.” He has thrashed last week’s report and claimed that the A8 chip is in its final stages of testing in the company’s unit in Austin, Texas. It is further claimed that the manufacturer has already signed a contract with Apple for the production of the new chip. The official further claimed that the chipset will go into mass production from Q2 2014 and that the company is capable of meeting demand sufficiently.

However, it seems like TSMC still has the lead over Samsung as the company has reportedly begun production of the chip already. This year will be the first time that Apple is contracting a company other than Samsung for the production of its A series chip, so it’s not all good news for the Korean giant.

Apple’s next generation A8 chip is likely to power iPhone 6, and the next generation iPad and iPad mini.

[Via ZDNet Korea – Translated]