4.7 inch iPhone 6 to go into mass production in July, 5.5-inch model in September

iPhone 6 Concept

A new report from Japan indicates that the 4.7 inch model of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will go into production in July while the bigger 5.5 inch variant will only go into production in September. This means that Apple will make the smaller iPhone available first in the markets, with the 5.5 inch launching shortly after.

Both models will be reportedly made available in Q4 2014, so there might not be a long gap between the release of the two variants. This is accurate considering recent reports which suggested that Apple would only launch the 4.7 inch iPhone this fall.

Other reports have cast a dark shadow over the launch of the 5.5 inch iPhone this year with mixed information on the timeframe of launch. But considering that the handset is expected to go into production in September this year, a launch might not be far away.

A recently leaked internal document has inadvertently revealed the arrival of a bigger iPhone this year to combat the threat imposed by Android OEMs. Apple is also looking to make its new offerings stand out from the crowd by adding a sapphire glass display and bringing improvements to existing technology such as the Touch ID sensor.

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