Apple opens up OS X Beta Seed program to the public

os-beta-seedApple today opened its OS X Beta Seed program to the public. Starting now, anyone with an Apple ID can apply to join the program as long as they meet the minimum hardware requirements. Recently, this program was only available to developers who had a valid OS X developer account.

The program allows Mac owners to download the most recent beta version of Apple’s desktop OS X before it is launched to the public. Once a user has signed up for the program, they can submit feedback on the OS X builds using Feedback Assistant, which sends the comments directly to Apple.

Join the OS X Beta Seed Program and accept the Beta Seed and Confidentiality Agreement. Apple will provide a Beta Access Utility for your Mac, which gives you access to pre-release versions of OS X in the Mac App Store Updates panel.

Users can apply to join the beta program on Apple’s Appleseed Beta website. Interested parties must have an Apple ID and must virtually sign a non-disclosure agreement. They also must have current Mac hardware that is capable of running Apple’s latest desktop OS. Hardware requirements include a Mac with OS X Mavericks 10.9 or higher already installed, 2 GB or more of memory and 8 GB or more of available space.

Will you sign up for the OS X beta program? Let us know in the comments!