iWatch to have ‘Fashionable Appearance’; may come in two Sizes, Top End to Cost ‘Several Thousand’ Dollars

iwatch concept 1

In the latest product roadmap from KGI Securities (which are typically released on an annual basis), analyst Ming Chi Kuo gave his predictions for the forthcoming iWatch, and has revealed a lot of interesting tidbits about the Apple wearable that we haven’t heard up to this point.


First, Kuo says that the watch will be shipping in two different sizes to accommodate different size wrists. The two sizes that are going to make the final product are 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches, the latter being slightly smaller than the previously rumored 1.7 inches. Kuo says both watches will ship with AMOLED screens and be affixed with a flexible display with sapphire covers to protect the watch from scratches.

The watch is said to include a number of biometric scanners that will support the upcoming “Healthbook” application, include pairing with iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and sport an NFC chip, a “fashionable appearance,” and a thin design not yet seen in the smart wearable space. According to Kuo, the watch will also have hardware made of liquid metal, and will include an “innovative” antennae for wireless charging.

Battery life has been a challenge for Apple as well as most other smart wearable hardware makers, but Kuo predicts a 200 to 250mAh battery which will provide power for up to one day. Apple was initially hoping to get 3-4 days, but it seems the Cupertino corporation won’t quite hit that mark. However, Kuo says the device’s battery will last longer than its competitors thanks to a “vertically integrated operating system and key components.”

Fashion is the name of the game; most expensive model likely priced at several thousand US dollars. Referring to the rules of the fashion market, we predict the iWatch casing and band will come in various materials. The most expensive model of the iWatch line will carry a price tag of several thousand US dollars.

Most interesting of Kuo’s iWatch predictions are his forecasted price points for the device. Apple is known to target the high-end of the market, bu Kuo says that at least one model of the iWatch will cost “several thousand” dollars. He notes, however, that Apple does indeed intend to target the low-end of the market as well.

Kuo thinks the iWatch will be the company’s most important product of 2014, estimating initial shipments of 5.5 million units in 2014, which will climb to a highly respectable 30 to 50 million in 2015. Are you excited for the iWatch now?

Source: MacRumors