Auki: An awesome Quick Reply/Compose Tweak for iOS 7

Auki is a brand new tweak by Surenik and Benno that was announced at the WWJC earlier today.

It brings quick reply, quick compose, silent mode and lot more features to the Messages app.

Quick Reply

After installing auki, you will get an option to tap on reply to a new message by tapping on the Reply option in the incoming banner notification, so you don’t have to open the Messages app. The native quick reply window feels like it is an integral part of iOS and appears to be inspired by OS X Mavericks’ Quick Reply feature.

The quick reply window works in both portrait and landscape mode, and allows you to add photos/gifs, videos etc.

Quick Compose

You can also send messages without opening the Messages app by accessing the Quick Compose window by swiping down on the Notification Center. You can also set up an Activator action to launch the Quick Compose the window.

Silent and Stealth mode

Silent mode also allows you to mute messages from someone so that you don’t get Notifications when the person sends you a message. You can put a contact in silent mode by swiping from right to left on the contact in the Messages list and tapping on the Silent option. It also enables the Stealth mode, which prevents the Contact from getting read receipts, which is quite neat.

Here’s the complete list of features:

  • Quick compose
  • Quick reply
  • Silent mode
  • Stealth mode
  • Smart iMessage/SMS detection
  • Custom Activations
  • Video, Image/GIF support
  • Landscape mode
  • Group messages
  • Message carryover
  • Contact pictures
  • Native look/integration

Check out the video walkthrough of Auki via our YouTube channel iPhoneHacksTV:

auki is available on Cydia for $3.99. It is easily one of the best jailbreak tweaks as it feels like it is an integral part of iOS. The only downside is that the tweak is not compatible with biteSMS or Messages+, so it will uninstall them if you have them installed. It may be a deal breaker for some folks, but if you only use them for the Quick Reply/Compose feature then auki is a must-have tweak.

Let me know what you think of auki in the comments below.